Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Serving the Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale Communities

Our SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale was called to help a state building that had microbial growth due to an AC unit that wasn't functioning properly in a board room.  We were able to meet their quick deadline as well as go above their expectations with an HVAC cleaning as well as their carpet. 

Taking Cleaning To New Heights

This is an academic building at a local school that has microbial growth on the ceiling.  We were happy to help the facilities manager come up with a remediation plan that worked for them.  As the picture shows are crew can make any working conditions work, even 20 ft ceilings.  

Microbial Growth Under Your Sink

This is under a sink in an Oxford, MS home.  The homeowner had a leak that went undetected for some time that led to microbial growth.  Moisture in a closed off space is an ideal place for mold to start and thrive.  If you have had a water leak and microbial growth, call SERVPRO of Oxford/Batesville/Clarksdale at 662-281-1881.

Mold In Your Oxford, MS Home

This Oxford, MS home had a leak that started behind their washing machine that went undetected.  Unfortunately, these types of issues can cause microbial growth to begin.  Our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale came out to inspect the home and found this affected area as well as others around the home.  Our team is not only quick to respond but we IICRC certified to remediate!! If you suspect mold in your home, call us today-662-281-1881!!!

Proper Personal Protective Equipment For Mold Remediation

This is a picture of one of our SERVPRO of Oxford, Batesville, Clarksdale techinicians on a mold remediation job for a home owner.   As you can see not only is he wearing a protective suit, but he also has on a respirator, glasses, and gloves.  This ensures his protection while remediating mold in the kitchen and bathroom of this home.  Not only is our crew properly trained in cases of mold, they are also properly equipped.  Not only does this keep them safe, it also allows them to educate our customers on the proper ways to handle and protect themselves in cases of mold.  

Mold In Your Batesville Business

This the consequence of a roof leak that went unattended for years in a Panola County office.  The air quality test showed presence of different molds including stachybotrys.  Stachybotrys are known as "black mold" or "toxic black mold" in the U.S., and are frequently associated with poor indoor air quality that arises after fungal growth on water-damaged building materials.  This mold has also been associated with health issues as well.   Not only is our team ready to assist you in remediation of mold, but we are AMRT certified.  If you suspect mold call us today 662-281-1881.  

Hot Water Heater Leak Leads to Mold

This is the results of a hot water heater leaking for an extended period of time.  This was found when the homeowners put their house on the market.  Luckily our team was able to quickly address the mold and not disturb the selling process.